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The Ultimate Mini-Guide On Faith - Part 3

12/31/17 1:15 PM
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    Written by Ryann Pitcavage, Coach on Collective Gain who challenges client to stop playing small and start living big.  Photo by Diana Simumpande.

    This is the third, and final, piece of a three piece article series examining Faith: what is it, why it's useful, how to cultivate it.


    Part 3: How do you cultivate faith? 

    The short answer is: practice, practice, practice! The best way to build faith is to have faith and act from that place. Like courage, faith is a verb, not a noun. To have it, you must do it. Below are a few other ideas beyond practicing that you might find useful.

    1. Notice the little (or big) ways you have faith in things now or have had faith in the past. Get curious as to why you are or were comfortable having faith in that instance.

    2. Write out what’s getting in the way of faith, meaning what are all your “But…” statements when it comes to living from a place of faith rather than fear. Notice the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a faithless state.

    3. Take action. The #1 way to cultivate faith is to JUMP. Faith is often strengthened by leaping, and trusting (then seeing) that the net will appear.

    4. Write out all the possible benefits of faith, of moving forward without certainty. Write out all the cons of faith. Then do the same (pros + cons) of only moving forward if you can ‘guarantee’ the end result.

    5. Be willing to cultivate or strengthen your spirituality or religion or worldview - in the world of faith, you have to believe in something, some power, some system, some force bigger than yourself. (Let’s face it, the universe is HUGE!) It doesn’t have to be anything anyone has ever believed in before, it can be completely made up, but no matter what it is, you need to be willing to believe in it.

    6. Connect with your body. A lot of wisdom is contained in there, and there is a lot of information that can help you understand fear that’s healthy vs. fear that’s limiting.

    7. Write a letter to your fear as if it were a person, and let it write back to you. See what it has to say, why it’s showing up, and figure out a way to have a healthier relationship with one another.

    8. Meditate. This will help to calm your mind, connect with yourself, and connect to Divine energy beyond yourself. You might even get a great inspiration while you silence the inner chatter!

    Lastly, I always just like to remind people that faith is not a substitute for action, it’s complementary. When one has faith, the action that is taken is INSPIRED rather than based in ‘shoulds’ and rules and standards. However, this does not mean we sit on a meditation cushion until something happens, it just means we’ve recruited the Universe to our team and decided to work together for a change.

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    Thanks to Ryann Pitcavage Collective Gain Coach, who authored this post.  Ryann is a life coach who works with you to reduce your stress and anxiety in order to develop a renewed sense of what is possible; thereby, enabling you to make decisions with greater ease which makes room for the mental breathing room that is necessary in order to begin to make change happen.  Request a consultation with Ryann.


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    Written by Ryann Pitcavage

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