12/31/69 4:00 PM

    How I Found My Calling

    7/12/17 10:24 AM

    happiness, soul, fulfillment

    How to show up in your own life to find the purpose you crave.

    Instead of an aha moment, I had a “Duh! Yes, that’s it!” moment.

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    My Biggest Aha Moment After Quitting My Job To Work For Myself

    5/25/17 1:46 PM

    fulfillment, career, spirit

    Everything was going great. My first couple of months after I quit my job, I had not just one client, I had several. I was making more than I’d...

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    And So It Begins…

    Life on my terms.

    Like so many of us, I lived the life I was supposed to. Get good grades, keep out of trouble, find a good job, stay in shape,...

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