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I've done my job.

4/5/18 3:24 PM
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    Over a year ago, I began working with a coach to explore who I am and why I am here. However, I didn’t set out with the goal of answering these two big questions. I started working with a coach in a desperate attempt to lift myself out of the sinking feeling of knowing, deep down, that I was way off course and had no idea what direction to turn to get back on track. (What track, anyway?)

    After two months of digging deep with a coach, I knew my core values. And at three months in, I had a sense of my purpose, my unique reason for being. And just after the four-month mark, I had a vision for how I could use my skills and passion to create a service to help millions feel what I so badly wanted: fulfillment and happiness, feeling like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. Living IN purpose.

    Collective Gain launched in September 2017, and each week I make progress on bringing to life what I feel I am here to do: help people live happier, more fulfilled lives by living their truth. I know I’m on track each time someone comments that one of my posts was exactly what they needed to read, or connects with one of Collective Gain’s coaches and for the first time in years finally feels heard and supported…. These moments make all the effort feel so worth it. But they’re fleeting, and often I find myself pushing for more -- more support, more people helped, more transformation. Until last Sunday evening, when I stood in an empty 7,000-square-foot room feeling the silent hum of energy that had filled it that day and finally knew that I had done my job.

     On March 18, 2018, Collective Gain put on our first major event. It was the #LIVEYOURTRUTH Empowerment Event aimed at helping people better get to know who they are and why they’re here. It was months of work, but mostly it was joy and serendipitous moments and connections that magically flowed into a day full of heart, community, connection and support.

    We had speakers on core values, mission, purpose and trusting in the breadcrumbs of your life experience. We had breakout sessions, group coaching, private 1:1 coaching and a workshop called Shift Your Shit that was entertaining, but most importantly taught us an effective tool to get ego and all its negative self-talk in check. Live music, décor, flowers, partners, food, snacks, T-shirts, notebooks, bags, chalkboard artists, coaches, healers and over 100 seekers ready to connect within.

    Once everyone departed, and the last artifact of our experience was removed from the venue, I turned and stopped. I looked at this now empty space, and it still felt alive. I could see everyone’s faces, feel their minds and hearts pouring out onto the pages of their notebooks, and sense the possibility following them back into their lives… a little different, a little shifted, a little more awake. And in that moment, for the first time since beginning my journey to live my truth, I felt deep in my soul a sense of satisfaction. That’s when a little whisper told me, “You’ve done your job.”

    That moment is when it was confirmed. I am living IN purpose, I am living my truth.

    Since the event, there is a slowness that has come over me. My usual go-getter-ness has taken a backseat, and my presence, wonder and curiosity has taken over. Like I am in a new place, still getting my bearings, so I’m moving slowly. I've wanted to share this post a week ago, but it's just now getting live. And I'm ok with it.

    This land of “you have arrived at your purpose-driven work” feels different. Hearing others share the impact your work has made in their lives is an incredible experience -- and when you get that validation, it’s jarring.

    So this is what it feels like to be heard. To be deeeeply heard to your core of who you are and why you’re here. Wow. Okay, this is different. Very different from trying to fit it, be accepted, feel valued by a group you want to see you for who you are. And in this space, there is slowness. There is stillness. There is no rush. There is resting in the impact made and connecting to listen for the next call, the next assignment, the next opportunity to do my job. There is less to prove, and more to enjoy.

    There are a few ideas coming forward on how to continue the work in community beyond our service of matching seekers with coaches and healers, and so now I start again. I sit with each new idea. I begin to follow the breadcrumbs. I see how each step feels. And I do my job. 


    Don’t know why you were put on this Earth? I didn’t either until 14 months ago. I promise you there is an answer to the question. Follow your curiosity and go there. Know the answer, then decide what's next.

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